Environment protection

In the “Environment protection” unit, one of the items worked is the recycling habits of sixth grade families, through a survey. Afterwards, each pupil has made a graph, with Exel program, about the class recycling habits and a Word document analyzing these habits.
In pairs, after watching different videos and playing recycling games, they have made leaves with messages to help the environment. They have stuck the leaves in our Environment tree.

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Children of 3rd grade have enjoyed a lot making our own mini digestive system posters. We have checked how we are IN and OUT and how each part works!!

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One of the things we have discovered in 3rd grade is opening a fish. This way, we have seen the different parts of this animal  and we have realized that they have BACKBONE!!

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The Jungle . Theatre in English

In P4 and P5 we have watched the theatre play “The Jungle ” in English. The children have enjoyed a lot with the animals of the jungle  :a  monkey, a crocodile,a lion  a snake and a giraffe.

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Making a volcanic eruption

In 6th grade, we have learned about  the Terrestrial relief. It changes because of external and internal geological processes. One of the internal geological process is the volcano. In the lab, we simulate  in groups a volcanic eruption. The ingredients: a mountain mug, a flask, baking soda  and vinegar. You can see what happens… Click on the photo

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Ecosystems Investigation

In our CLIL lessons, in 5th grade,  we have learned that travelling around the Earth we can find many different ecosystems and habitats. Some of them are terrestrial, others are fresh water or marine ecosystems. We have discovered this because of the research that we did using computers and this complete and beautiful website: www.bbc.co.uk/nature/habitats

It was a very interesting work,  done in pairs or individuals. We enjoyed it a lot. Here you have some posters we made with our research results:




Sea beds





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Robotics Workshops

Last theme for our CLIL lessons,  in 5th grade,  was TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES . That was why we spent two sessions on Robotics Workshops, because it is a very  good activity to learn how to use different technologies and different tools. Àlex was the monitor who helped us to build robots and to make them move using a special Computer Programme. Some robots moved without any wheels and others used wheels, but they needed some sensors to run. Here you have some pictures of our work and some videos of our robots’ walks. We hope you enjoy it.

Building a robot

Building a robot

Programming a robot

A robot walking

A sensored walking robot

A no wheels walking robot

Building a robot

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Talking each other

Learning dialogues help us to improve our pronunciation and it is very useful to learn to speak in English. Sometimes,  it’ s a bit hard to represent them for the rest of the class, but this is an interesting way to learn to speak in front of other people because that makes us to be more confident.

Last dialogue was related to an interesting topic that we love it: SPORTS.

Here you have an example. It is played by three of our mates.

Learning a dialogue: Playing sports

Learning a dialogue: Hanna was ill!

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Our second topic from CLIL lessons was THE ECONOMIC SECTORS.  When we worked on the Tertiary Sector we went to walk on a Sants area that included some streets: Melcior de Palau, Robrenyo, Numància, Viriat, Enric Bargés and Melcior de Palau,  again. The main aim of this activity was to see which services we have near our school.

Here you have some examples of our walk:










You can see the results we got on the bar chart we are adding here:

4 Let’s see services in Sants bar chart

That was the way we got some conclusions: In this area, we have too many cafes, bars and restaurants and we would need more bakeries and primary health care services.

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Singing to learn, learning to sing

Sometimes, in our English lessons, we use songs to improve our pronunciation or to reinforce vocabulary. But we also sing to the rest of the class in order to get much more self – confidence.

In this case, we were practicing a song we learnt about the healthy food. We invented the kind of food and it was very funny and we enjoyed it a lot.

Five a day song

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