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A warm welcome! 🙂

This blog seeks to display English portfolios, what students have learnt in the English Class at IES Castelló d’Empúries.

Within our Innovation project 2006-2009 we aim to improve our English and reach B1-B2 levels of the Common European Framework. Thanks to the interest and engagement of students and teachers !
We sincerely hope this project encourages our students to learn English with the support of new technologies and to eventually become an autonomous, critical and cooperative learners in a true web 2.0 style.

Why so much fuss about Portfolios now? well…

here are a number of reasons.

1- Common European Framework for Languages
2- Our mentor: Olga Esteve
3- Previous experiences: Scrapbooks, School Dossiers…

What’s the best evidence of learning? Looking backwards and forwards and showing at all times where you are in your learning path.
New Technologies now allow us to display our Portfolios online and open. Let’s have a look! 😉

What should our Portfolio include?

Background: Official site document (in Catalan)

1- My language passport
2- All the tasks that we have done every term:

  • Writings: First mail to the teacher, narrative text (Halloween story), description (of a friend), dialogues and argumentative text, summaries of news you have read (Catalonia today, BBC…) and other written documents you have produced.
  • A link to the students’ personal blog
  • Speakings: descriptions ( of a place), short talks on different topics , dialogues, the class presentations videos and other oral documents you have produced.
  • A REFLECTION: At the end of the year, students should look back on all the tasks they have produced and write about which activity best represents their level of English and what they have learnt and why.
How can our portfolio be done?

Well, we thought of three basic options:

a) Paper-support: a traditional school folder, ring binder…

b) Digital support: a CD Rom

c) Digital online support: a blog


We encourage you to use the blog. Why?

We live in the digital era and knowledge is constructed in and with the help of the Net. We have to face the challenge of learning and learning to learn digitally, not just having fun (MSN, playstations, netmeetings, youtube etc…) with digital means… Ready ?

1- Open a new blog at blogger
2- Call it “Yourname’s Portfolio“. Eg: Marti Riera’s Portfolio.
3- The first post should be a little welcome to the visitors of your portfolio with an image/sound or video that you like and identify with and you should explain why.
4- Your personal blog and your language passport should be on the side of your portfolio with a link .

5- Each new post should include one task: e-mail, horror story, first oral presentation…

6- Include tags for all your tasks: writing, presentation, podcast.

7- Final post: a REFLECTION OF YOUR LEARNING: Choose two tasks you have done that best show your level of English, one oral and one written. How can you tell they are your best production?

8- Include tags in all your posts so you can organise your work better: writing, presentation, podcast, video

9- Make your portfolio your own style!! 🙂


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