Monthly Archives: September 2008

Back to work

After a refreshing holiday, we are ready to put ourselves down to work and carry on the portfolio project. 🙂

After 2 years working with eportfolios to learn English at Batxillerat, we are opening new lines of work. Our new project is the use of THE EUROPEAN LANGUAGE E-PORTFOLIO at 3 ESO and 4 ESO in September 2009 at IES Castelló d’Empúries. This project has been granted a llicència d’estudis from the Department for Education and I am currently working on the preparation of the materials for the  implementation next year.

The basic idea for me is to design a competence oriented syllabus based on a problem-based methodology (PBM) or question-based, as you wish, with web 2.0 tools . Now that we have an open framework such as the Competence Curriculum to work from, it seems to me that classrooms walls can break down for good and students start communicating with the real world.  It is time for a shared construction of knowledge, team work and learning management in a truly student-centered fashion. Eportfolios are proving to be an open, flexible, personal tool to display, manage, analyze, guide and evaluate the learner’s performance.

Interested in Portfolios? Drop a comment on this blog! Thanks 🙂