Hi Level 2 teachers! 

As we told you in the last meeting of January 25 in Departament d’Ensenyament, you are supposed to follow a good pace with your students, i.e. not spending too much time on every unit and focusing on important points of the curricula and all the skills involved. 

So far (mid-February), most of Level 2 teachers have devoted 2-3 sessions to the midterm exams (or mock exams) or are about to do so; you should be starting Unit 5 in the book and finished Present perfect (Unit 4A, 4B, 7A, 7B). Unit 8A (something, anything, nothing and adjectives ending -ed and -ing) was done at the beginning but if you haven’t, you could simply deal with it before Unit 5. If you are a little behind, don’t worry… but keep in mind that you should catch up with the others, ok?

As for the 3rd term, please mind that you should skip Units 8C-8D. The recommended order of Units should be as follows:

  • Unit 5C-6C-6D (modals)
  • Units 6A-6B (Conditionals type I & II)
  • Unit 7C (used to)
  • Unit 7D (passives)
  • Unit 8B (quantifiers)
  • Unit 9A (past perfect)
  • Unit 9B (reported speech)

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