Mysterious character 4: the end

1.- My parents are dead.

2.- I live with my uncle, my auntie and my fat cousin.

3.- My school is very special.

4.- I’m the main character in seven novels and eight films

5.- I have an enemy very powerful

6.- My pet is an owl.

7.- My best friends are one boy and one girl.

8.- I’ve got a scar in my forehead.

9.- I play quidditch

Who is this mysterious character ?

Harry Potter, of course

These are the points:

1.- Ainara and Ivan J.                              20 points

3.- Elia                                                     16 points

4.- Marta Becerro and Laura Solsona    14 points

6.- Eloi                                                      7 points

7.- Pablo and Dèlia                                   6 points

9.- Joel                                                       2 points

10.- Abril                                                    1 point

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