Muchas gracias!

Os quería decir que muchas gracias por todos estos años que hemos pasado juntos, han sido muy divertidos!!!                                                                                                             Tanto con  6A como con 6B me lo he pasado genial!!                                                           Ha sido una experiencia muy bonita. Nunca os olvidaré!!!

Espero que os vaya bien en el instituto…


Orientació al Parc Catalunya

Resultats de la orientació al Parc Catalunya

1.- Jordi, Jordi, Mario, Adam: 25-44

2.- David, Gabriel, Ian Andoni, Xavi: 26-48

3.- Isaac, Pol, Joel, Víctor: 29-08

4.- Nil, Sergio, Raúl, David: 30-26

5.- Yireh, Aida, Carla, Meritxell: 31-17

6.- Paula, Marina, Sònia, Mª José, Sara: 33-20

7.- Gisela, Maria, Lucia, Edna: 34-12

8.- Biel, Matthew, Oscar, Joan: 35-21

9.- Alba, Elena, Joana, Lucia: 39-26

10.- Zoryana, Carolina, Aida, Laia: 42-27

11.- Júlia, Meritxell, Gisela, Paula: 43-55

12.- Sofia, Carlota, Laura, Núria: 46-24

13.- David, Pedro, Joan, Joan: 47-47

14.- Oriol, Laura, Alba, David, Pol: 49-18

15.- Neo, Mikel, Iker, Àlex: 50-18

16.- Ariadna, Sara, Anna, Adrià: 53-43

17.- Alba, Lucia, Sara, Marina, Mireia, Yennifer: 56-48

18.- Aaron, Eric, David, Dani, Manel: 63-06

19.- John, Alejandro, Sergi, Dani, Dani: 63-54

20.- Víctor, David, Sergi, Arnau: 65-45

21.- Oriol, Ivan, Ivan, Àlex: 66-58

22.- Paula, Sílvia, Eva, Inés: 12 fites

23.- Elia, Lídia, Malena, Estel: 10 fites

Postcard from Hawaii

Hello Alba!!!

I’m in Hawaii in Waikoloa Vigalle hotel. This hotel has got four stars.

Yesterday morning I went to a famous park in Hawaii. It’s great. Yesterday noon I ate “Lau lau” a tipical food here and I drank cola. Last night I went to a big restaurant with my friends. Last Monday I went to visit a little island in Hawaii, the island of Maui. Last Tuesday I went to a water park. It’s fantastic! I’m having a great time here.

See you soon!

Lucia 🙂












postcard from Dubaí

  • Hello family I’m in Dubai. It is in Arabia Saudi                                                              Yesterday I went to the beach and I played a piragua and  did canoeing with mi friends
  • I played volleyball and football boliei and futbol an burj khalifa Today I’m going to eat at a buffet after and then to a free the disco


HI,I’m Nil

I´m in Hawaii .Last wednesday I played football with my friends.I scored a lot of goals! Later, my friends and me went to a restaurant.We ate pizza barbacoa and chocolate ice cream. We drank Trina. Last Thursday, I went to the beach. I swam all the morning and at the afternoon I sailed with my friends. At the night ,we went to Team Park. The Team Park is very funny! Yesterday, I went to the beach and I played tennis with my friends. Are you having a good time?

See you soon



Samuel Morse was born on  April 27th, 1791 in Boston. He is known for his inventions of pintor and  code Morse. His first daughter was named Jedidah Morse. He studied in Pillips AcademY. He worked with Benjamin Franklin. Murio He died in Nueva York on 2nd april in 1872. He was 80 years old 80.


Dear David

I´m in Italy. I´m in the Renaissance Hotel. Yesterday morning I  visited the Malecom. Yesterday afternoon go I went to the park. Last night  I saw a statue. Last wednesday go I went to the restaurant. Last morning I drank  orange  juice. Yesterday afternoon I ate pizza. I didn´t play basketball these days.  Did you watch the tennis match yesterday?

See you soon

from  John


A postcard from Paris

Hi Ana

I’m in Paris. Yesterday afternon I visited the Art Museum and the Eiffel Tower. I didn’t eat macarroni of at the restaurant. I like chips and chiquen. chiken. I went to the beach. It was very hot  to the bery hod. I drank orange juice. Deserrt of  And I ate some ice cream as a dessert. Yesterday go to the park. I‘m in  had dinner with my friends. I ate a chiken chiquen and chips and drank some cups chocolat and milk.

See you from

From Dani.


New York

Dear family.

I’m in New York in The Sherry Netherland, an hotel of 4 stars.The first day a I visited a friend. We went to ate in a restaurant. Last night I went to the Casino and later I ate pizza. Last weekend I saw the Statue of Liberty.  I didn’t saw the Empire State but I could see the Stadium of the New York Yankees. I could see a baseball match, the NY Yankees won. Last night I went to the discotheque.This morning I went to the beach.

See you soon


A postcard from Hollywood

Hi Dani:

I’m in a big Hollywood hotel. Yesterday morning I went to the cinema and I saw the many actors.Last night go I went to the restaurant Hollywood. Did you play a game in the computer?I didn’t go to the beach bitch.Hollywood Is very big Hollywood.Last night go I went to the  discotheque.

Regards of the family.

By Ana.Kiss

Postacard from Los Angeles,California

Hello Lucia!!!

I’m in California in the Luxe Sunset Boulevard hotel. It’s an amazing hotel because there is a swimming pool and my room is very big. Last night I visited the Golden Gate Bridge. It is wonderfool. wonderful. Then I went to a bakery and I ate cupcakes It was delicious! I didn’t play with the computer because I‘m having a grate time here in los Angeles. Did you watch de the rugby match yesterday?

I love you….

Alba C.


Dear, Elena

I’m in Hawaii.I’ts fan! It’s fun. Last week I went to the beach. And later I visited museums. Yesterday I went to a famous restaurant and I ate a big cream cone. Hawaii is fantastic because is beautyfol. beautiful.

See you soon.



Hi Laura!

I’m in New York. Yesterday I went to Times Square. I visited the Statue of Liberty.  Last night I had dinner in the famous restaurant with my parents. I ate duck with orange. I drank water. I didn’ t saw a match of Lakers. Did you went to go on holidays?   I liked visited New York, it is very beautiful…

See you soon


John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird is the inventor of a television.
He was born on August 13th, 1888 in Helesbourg. He studied at the Academy Larchfield (now part of Lomond School) in Helensburg. In 1922 he investigated the possibility to transmit images remotely, and in 1924 he managed to convey the flickering image of a Maltese cross.In 1922 investigated the possibility to transmit images remotely, and in 1924 he managed to convey the flickering image of a Maltese cross.

Postcard to New York

Hi Maria

I’m in New York.Yesterday morning I went to the beach.I visited my friend David, he’s Portuguese but live i New York. Last night I went to the restaurant and I ate my favourite food spaghetti espagueti. I love this city, is beautiful. Last morning, I played fotball with my new ball. I drank a chocolate milkshake, it is delishous. I went to the cinema with David.

Good bye

Postcard in Manchester

Hi Mario,

I’m in Manchester, a big city of England. Yesterday morning I visited the stadium of Manchester. I went to the restaurant of American food. Last night I went to a big square to play football with my brother. I ate hamburger and I drank milkshake. The food of Manchester is are delicious. Manchester is are a beatiful city.

I didn’t go to the museum, its boredom.

Did you go went to the show of Antonio Diaz?

Poscard from Cambrils Park Resort

HI Nil

Hello, I´m in Cambrils Park. Cambrils Park is an Resort. have  It has bungalows. Last night i go I went to football field and I played a football match. Tonight I´m go went to see a show to Parky. Parky is a pet of Cambrils Park. Yesterday I ate barbacue it was delicious. Today evening I go to swimming pool 2 hours. Cambrils Park is beautiful I´ts a site of holidays, is perfect for me. Today I ate pizza. It was delicious, the name of pizza is Proschutto.

See you son                 Bye Oriol

Postcard from Cala Montjoi:)

Hello, family!

I’m in Cala Montjoi (Girona). Yesterday morning I swam with my best friends! Yesterday afternoon I ate macarroni and I drank orange juice. Last night  I made diferent activities with water. Last Monday I went to little beach of the Cala Montjoi. Last Thursday I went to Cadaqués. Cadaqués i’ts cool! I like more activities of Cala Montjoi. I didn’t like soap of Cala Montjoi. Did you like soap?

See you soon


Postcard from Tokyo

Hi family!

I’m in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Last tuesday I saw the Tokyo Tower, it’s awesome! Yesterday morning I ate for breakfast rice with sauce, it’s very difficult eat with chopsticks! Yesterday noon I ate sushi and eggs and I drank tea. Last night I ate ramen, a typical soap of Japan. After the dinner, I watch anime, a type of draw. Then, I went to shopping and I bought a dress. At wednesday I didn’t read a book but I learnt some words in Japanese. Did you like Tokyo?

See you soon! Marina

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born in Germany in 1879. He lived in Germany, Italy, USA,  Switzerland. His father was Hermann Einstein. His mother was Pauline Koch. His brother was Jakob. His sister was Maya. He studied in school politècnica Federal the of Zuric. He was a scientist. He did travelled important discoveries. When He discovered the relativity theory relatividad.


Dear Mum:

I’m in Australia. Yesterday afternoon I went to opera house. It was great. Last night I went to a restaurant. The food of Australia is very strange. I didn’t go to see the crocodiles, snakes. I don’t like snakes but a lot had a long theets. I liked very much Sydney. It is a good cities to visit. But I don’t like to go went to the beach they are lot of sharks. It’s scaring its squaring. Did you go to Australia? Tomorrow I go to the aereoport to go house.

See you soon.

From: Mireia

A postcard from Ecuador

Dear John:

I’m in Ecuador. Yesterday morning I went to the museum. Last nigth I went go to the restaurant. And I played tennis. Last week I played football. I go went to the park. And I visited the statue. I go went to the marquet and I bought buy the T-sirt Do you like Ecuador?




Postcard from Milan

Dear friend

I´m in Milan a Paris . Yesterday morning I went to the Duomo. Yesterday affernoon I visited the the Opera House La Scala. Last night I ate in the restaurant the pizza. Last friday I drank coca cola and I ate the macarroni . I didn´t went go to the Church of Sant ‘ Alessandro. I like went to go to the galeries Vittorio Emanuele II.

See you soon .

From Carla




Hi Gisela

I’m in Rio de Janeiro. Yesterday morning I visited the statue of Cristo Redentor and Pan de Azucar. Tonight I’m going to see the football game at the stadium Maracana. This morning I drank a tropical milkshake. It’s delisious. Rio is beautiful despite stealing a lot. On Monday I went to the beach at the nigth.  It Is beautiful. For Dessert they usually eat put tropical fruits. They are delicious.                          

I stood at the hotel Rio Deal Bed&Breakfast. It Is very cozy. Tomorrow I’ll go to Antônio Carlos Jobim International Airport to return home. It is one of the best trips of my life.

Bye Lucia Gisela.


Dear Berta.

Hello I’m in London.Yesterday morning I visited the Big Ben and I went to the Theme Park. I ate macarroni and fish. Yesterday afteroon I visited the London Eye. I drank water. I didn’t play chess yesterday . Did you watch basquetball match yesterday? Last night I go to Art Modern Museum and I ate pizza. I liked  macarroni and Big Ben. But I didn’t like fish and Art Modern Museum. Did you eat pizza yesterday?

See you soon                     From Sofia


Hi Lucia,

I’m in California. Yesterday i ate cupcakes and drank strawberry milkshake. It is delicious. On the afternoon I visited the Starts Street. In On the night I went …… where ?, It is fantastic. Last Wednesday I visited Disney California (funfair) It  is amazing. On Thuesday I saw the letters of Hollywood and Universal Studios Hoollywood. On Friday I travelled to the New York and I saw the Cupcakeatm. It is amazing and delicious. On Saturday I went to the Statue of Liberty. On Sunday I went to Broadway. On Monday I travelled to Sabadell, i saw my house and i enter, i believed I was in the happiness.

See you soon.


Postcard from Marbella

Dear: Sister

Hi Anna I’m in Marbella and Marbella is in Malaga.Yesterday morning I went to the beach and I played voleyball. In last nithg  I ate Paella,meat, apple and I drank water. In last  weekend I played football,tennis, and  squash. In last wendesday i went to Time Square and I visited San Pedro Alcántara, Ensanche histórico and distrito de las chapas. Marbella is very funny,awesome and is very impressionant. I didn’t play these days. Did you go to the swiming pool?

See you soon

From Laura.B




Postcard from Canada

Dear Laura,

I’m in Canada.

Yesterday morning, I went to the prince eduard island. Last Tuesday I visited “Las cataratas del Niagara”. Last night I visited  the Louise Lake. I didn’t stay in a hotel because my unlce has a home in Otawa, the capital of Canada.

Last Friday I ate meat and vanilla ice cream, it was delicious. Did you ate vanilla ice cream last Friday?

I liked “Las cataratas del Niagara” but I didn’t like the Louise Lake because it is boring.

See you soon

Dear Elena





Activitats dimecres

Continuem amb les activitats programades. Els jocs de nit del dimecres van ser molt divertides. L’excursió pels camins del Cap de Roses fins arribar al pic de la muntanya, que envolta Cala Montjoi, no presenta gran dificultat.
La resta del dia practicant diferents jocs col·lectius, coreografia, golf, volei, etc.