My name is Martí.

I’m 10 years old.

I habe 2 brothers: Jan is 6 years old and Gerard is 4 years old.

My friends is nearly the whole school and the other kits .

I’m medium height, my hair and eyes are brown, i’m sympathetic.

I like eating pizza and “pasta”, playing wii, watching TV…

I don’t like the homeworks, the wasps and the “bajoques”.

I’m good at playing wii, riding a bike, cooking, swiming…

My favourites subjects at school are Maths and plastic art.
My favourite food is ketchup and spring onion.

so am I

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  1. La presentació molt bé Martí!! Recorda que l’has de portar gravada!!!
    Arregla aquest parell d’errades:
    My friends are nearly
    I don’t like homework
    Bon estiu!
    Your teacher!!

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