Practice UNIT 6 by doing the following exercises:

1. Spot the right sentence.

2. Transformations 1.

3. Transformations 2.

4. Do the test on Passive Voice on line.

5. Have something done .


Ready for more challenging activities about Reading?

1. Read on the Canterville Ghost chapter 1. The highlighted verbs are in passive voice.

2. Click at the top of the text on Questions on the text and answer them on line.

You are ready to do the LISTENING part.

1. Shopping. Listen and follow the instructions. I hope it is easy for you!!

2. More listening. Listen to LEARNING BBC ENGLISH. UNIT 4: SHOPPING and follow the activities on line.


Hello class! Today we are going to practise PAST SIMPLE with some interactive games and activities.

Are you ready?                          


1. Do the following activity. Click here.

2. Follow the pages to do more activities. Click here.

3. Listen to the story and do the activities. Click here.

4. Past simple negatives. Click here.

5. Past simple. verbs in brackets. Click here. VERY DIFFICULT!!!

6. GAME. Click here.

7. SONG by Jonas Brothers. Try the activities and have fun!! Click here.

Which activities did you like the most?



  • Informació sobre els GRAUS Bolonya 2010, cliqueu aquí.
  • Informació sobre CICLES FORMATIUS, cliqueu aquí.
  • Informació sobre la NOVA SELECTIVITAT Bolonya 2010, cliqueu aquí.
  • Ponderació de les matèries de modalitat de 2n Batxillerat PAU 2010-2011, cliqueu aquí.
  • Ara ja podeu omplir la fitxa que trobareu clicant aquí.

Espero que us serveixi força per aclariu-vos les idees!!!


1. Listen to the song: An Englishman in New York and fill in the blanks. Then continue with the tasks your teacher gives you.

2. Watch, listen and fill in the gaps with the DICTATION-STYLE exercises.
  a. The British.
  b. The Americans.
  c. The Germans according to the British.

3. SPEAKING. Comment about the videos. Do you agree with them?

4. Write a FOR and AGAINST essay on STEREOTYPES and RACISM. Include ideas and vocabulary given in class.