The 6th grade students have completed a project related to the area of ​​Science. The theme of the project is: “STOP SMOKING”.

The project has lasted six sessions. During the first three sessions, they have learned about the respiratory system by doing different activities with the help of new technologies (watching videos, doing worksheets, a kahoot and a jamboard). During the last three sessions, they have made a poster with Canva to raise consciousness about the dangers of smoking to our health. Finally, they have done a presentation of their posters and  have hang up all over the school’s walls.

Here you have some images





Good morning, teachers!

Here we show you a small part of the work we did in 3rd grade of Primary Education. In this case, the students have been completing exercises from a summary book about the didactic units we have worked on throughout the course. We have found that they are true champions and have been able to successfully complete the activities. We are very proud of them!!!!