Creating a comic #comic_INTEF (El meu primer còmic)

My challenge

Topic of the comic
This task is introduced as an initial evaluation of the project, my sustainable home. Currently there are many ways to make buildings more sustainable; using recycled materials, with renewable energies, recycling waste and above all, having environmental awareness. You can check the project “My sustainable home” in this link.
Title: “My sustainable home”
Subject: Science
Students: 4th ESO

Aim of the Curriculum work in the comic.

  • Renewable and alternative energies
  • Environmental awareness
  • Technology and product construction
  • Storytelling
  • Comic as a visual language

Public URL to my comic: link

One short task to work with the comic into your lessons. 
Reading task: 
  1. Read the comic and  discuss it with your partner
  2. Do you think we are taking care of the planet?
  3. On page 5, what do you think Mr. Zoidberg wants to say with sustainable homes?
  4. What do you do to take care of the planet?










Digital Storytelling


Achieve level C1 of competence 3.1. Developing digital content, from Area 3: Digital content creation, of the Digital Competence Framework for Teachers.
Level C1 will be carried out through the following descriptors:

  • I plan, develop and assess online teaching activities that will insist on using different content creation tools (texts, maps, tag cloud-based, hypertexts, videos, audio recordings, etc.). Also, I encourage the students to create their own e-portfolio.
  • I encourage among my students and educational community to create digital presentations and texts that I assess and monitor.
  • I design, use and share digital content using audiovisual formats and tools like, for example, infographics, concept maps, podcasts or videos.

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