During this second semester, pupils on year 5 and 6 are going to work on LANDSCAPES. They are going to work on: colors, shades, shapes… using different techniques.
Just to get their inspiration, their English teachers have made a video about different landscapes around the world.

We hope you enjoy it!!!

Music by: the XX – Intro
Pictures: some photos are mine and others have been taken from the internet.


Halloween is coming again and in the school we’ve done some crafts.

In Year 4, pupils have learnt the Knock Knock, trick or treat? song and they have designed Halloween cards.

In Year 5, pupils have written the Halloween Chant and they have made a Pumpkin craft.

In Year 6, pupils have made an origami bat on a silver moon. You can have a go watching the followin video on youtube. It’s funny!

If you want to see it with your own eyes… just come to the autumn exhibition in November.


Here you have some pictures about our projects in school for Halloween.




The last15 days all the students prepared this jolly season: Christmas
They decorated the school with lots of Christmas pictures and decorations.
They learned some Christmas carols and sing them too.
Here there are two videos of them.
I hope you enjoy singing them with your family.

LAST CHRISTMAS (Ashley Tisdale)



We celebrated the English festivity of HALLOWEEN on the 31st. Of October.

The 3rd. Cycle students prepared and activity for the rest of the Primary students. They decorated their corridor as a haunted corridor with monsters, skeletons….. Year 6 students made in the English class some jack’o’lanterns.

After the playground we played the Trick or Treat.
Students on first and second cycle went to the corridor and played the game. They had to put the hand in a haunted box, take a card and guess which object it was.
As a present, third cycle students gave them a witch finger and a witch eye. They made them with their class teachers.

We enjoy it a lot!!!!!!