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Spooky Halloween

Hello families!

This year our kids from 1rst and 2nd grade have celebrated Halloween doing different activities.

We learned some scary vocabulary, we sang the Trick or treat song and we decorated pumpkins to make a big mural. Finally, we did a Halloween party in which we practiced the popular Trick-or-Treat tradition to win some candy.

We had so much fun!

Here you have some pics about this celebration:

Listen the Trick or treat song:




Students on year 2 talk about the changes of a tree through the year. We realize that the tree change depends on the seasons: winter, autumn, spring and summer. We talk about the characteristics of each season: cold, hot, windy, rainy,… and the names of the different parts of a tree.
We paint a tree for each season to decorate our corridor.


Year 2 students


Students on year 1 are learning clothes that we wear in winter. We learn their names: hat, gloves, trousers, boots, scarf, socks, jacket, jumper and skirt.
We decorate our corridor with pictures about clothes and we write their names.

Year 1 students

Year 1 students