Oh, spring! That time of the year when we celebrate Easter, when there are a lot of flowers, when sunny days come and… *sneeze* allergies visit us too!

Before the Easter break, we learned some traditional ways to celebrate Easter in the Uk. Moreover, we did some crafts, we played with “Spring & Easter bingo” and we sang and danced the song “This is the way the bunny hops”.

  • Here you can see some photos from our 1st and 2nd grade kids enjoying the different Easter activities that we did:

Dancing and singing the Easter bunny song

Easter bunny craft

Easter bunnies

Easter activities

Playing bingo

Playing Easter bingo


  • Here we can see our little snowmen from 1st grade learning some vocabulary about Christmas & body parts. We also made a snowball and sang the “I’m a little snowman” song. Do you want to see the results?

Snowman body parts

Christmas vocabulary game

  • Kids from 2nd grade have been looking for Santa for a long time. They also made a Santa’s mask and sang the “Santa, Santa, where are you?” song. Here you can see some photos:


Hi everyone! How are you?

Do you know the song ” Hello Reindeer”? This year P5 children are going to sing and dance this song in the Christmas festival! They like so much the song. We hope you like it! Imatge de previsualització de YouTube


Spooky Halloween

Hello families!

This year our kids from 1rst and 2nd grade have celebrated Halloween doing different activities.

We learned some scary vocabulary, we sang the Trick or treat song and we decorated pumpkins to make a big mural. Finally, we did a Halloween party in which we practiced the popular Trick-or-Treat tradition to win some candy.

We had so much fun!

Here you have some pics about this celebration:

Listen the Trick or treat song: