Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are children stories such as Little Red Riding Hood or the Three Little Pigs. Everything is possible in the land of make believe and children use their imagination to create new characters and new adventures. Many of these fairy tales have been adapted into movies or films. The most popular ones are those from Andersen and Grimm.

Here there are some tips about how to write  a fairy tale.

  • Click here to have some ideas about planning a fairy tale.
  • Click here to know some possible ways of starting a fairy tale.

Resources from abcteach.com

  • Click on the image to write your own fairy tale! Just follow the instructions!

A wonderful trip to America!

Here there’s a slideshow of my trip to Canada and New York in 2008.

Watch it and try to answer the Treasure Hunt below! Use only English written sites. Stop and enlarge the photo when necessary.


1. Where did the trip start?

2. Who are the men on pictures in photo 2.12? Where was this photo taken?

3. Can you tell me the name of the building in 1.17?

4. What is Wall Street famous for?(1.43)

5. What animal is this? What does it represent? (1.48)

6. Do you recognise this place? (1.50)

7. Talk about this picture. Why is it here? What does it show? (2.17)

8. Why is this place called 1000 Islands? (2.45)

9. How is the tall tower called? (3.28)

10. What kind of building is this? (4.21)

11. What is the name of this waterfall? (3.53)

12. What is the man doing?  (4.35)

13. Look for this information about Niagara Falls (5.02): height, wideness and number of drops.

Something Stupid

A new song, this time it’s mine!! First recorded in 1966 by  Parks and his wife Gail Foote, it was later covered by Frank Sinatra and his daughter. In 2001 Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman had a  great success with this song:  “Somethin’Stupid”

Click on the image and start with some phrasal verbs! Answer with the punctuation, please!