CLASSWORK: all the people in the class must prepare, shoot and edit a video film.

A) THE STORY: the basis of a film is a good story. Good stories are innovative, have good characters and settings, explain actions which come in a logical order, but are not always predictable, and want to “communicate” ideas and feelings to the audience.

Watch the following video to understand the structure of a basic story which can be made into a film:


B) SCREENPLAY:  SCRIPT AND STORYBOARD: once you have decided what your story will be about,  you must develop it so that it can be shot. This means creating the film script and the storyboard. First of all, let’s see some examples:

1- This is part of the script of a real film. Take a look at it while watching the film scene:
A real film script: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (initial scene)

2- How to write your film script: download this document:
How to write a script

3- Now watch these videos about what storyboards are:

If you need  more help on making your own storyboard, take a look at this document:
Glossary of storyboards



Once you have the script and the storyboard done, you must prepare the shooting:

ACTORS: rehearse the action.

ASSISTANTS: look for suitable settings and props.

TECHNICAL STAFF: prepare the camcorders (charge batteries, get mini DVs, learn how to attach the microphones…)



Have you shot all the necessary takes? Are all the scenes complete? Now, open the editing programme, import the video files, cut them properly and add:

  1. Transitions
  2. Visual effects
  3. Titles, subtitles and credits
  4. Music
  5. Sound effects.


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