This is how the Filmmaking Research Project ESO4 blog works:

• There is a page for every one of the following units:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Basic ideas.
  3. Your first videos.
  4. Watch and learn.
  5. Class project.
  6. Team project.
  7. Final tasks.

• The teacher will publish an entry every time a unit must be started. Read it and and go to the unit page to do the activities.

• Whenever you have a problem, a new idea on how to improve the task or are asked to give you opinion, you can post a comment at the end of the entry. Please, remember:

-All your comments must be written in English.

-Your posts won’t be published until the teacher has approved them.

-Your participation will be evaluated (number of posts, suitability of the comments, use of English, new or useful suggestions, original opinions).