Let’s go to the playground!

In I3 we are learning the vocabulary about playground: sandpit, bucket, spade, slide and swing.

These days we have gone to the playground and have counted how many buckets and spades we have.

-We have 12 buckets and 10 spades!

We counted how many slides, sandpit and swings we have too.

-We have 4 slides and one sandpit! And we haven’t got any swing in the playground….

It’s an enjoying activity for learning them! Have a nice week!

Family Day

This week we have celebrated  “Family Day” with other Escolàpies schools, Figueres, El Masnou and Sabadell. We have done different activities, board games, storytelling, family pictures… We have enjoyed a lot.

6th students have told this colourful and amazing book to 1st and 2nd Primary students. It’s called Family book, by Todd Parr. They have had a great time together!!