I just can’t wait to be king!!

L’alumnat de 3r de Primària de les Escolàpies Igualada hem celebrat l’English Day fent una gimcana al voltant de diferents musicals. Hem respost un seguit de preguntes sobre els diferents cartells que hi havia penjats al porxo.
També hem cantat la cançó “I just can’t wait to be king” del musical “Lion King”, amb unes màscares que havíem preparat a la classe de Plàstica.
Aquí teniu una mostra del resultat!

Primary Students Celebrate Earth Day

Every April the United States honors Mother Earth by spending time in the great outdoors. Adults and children create special projects in order to clean their communities. For example, many schools plant trees, gardens and clean up trash on the streets. This month, in Escolapies, students learned about how they can participate in Earth Day. We wrote different promises about how we will keep the earth clean. Their hard work is up on the wall so that they can practice “earth” related vocabulary every day!



Come to the English Day – Song

Here there is the song “Come to the English Day”.

You can sing it at home too! Enjoy it!


What good is sitting alone in your class?
Come hear the music play
The school is a big Musical
Come to the English Day

Put down the pencil, the book and the pen
It’s time to join the show
The school is a big Musical
Come to the English Day

Come play the music
Come hear the band
Come stand up
Start dancing all along
Your friends are waiting

What could you show your teachers and mates
To make them dance right away
The school is a big Musical
Come to the English Day!!!

Click here to listen to the song.