4 thoughts on “Our interactive posters. Cicle Superior

  1. patrienator Post author

    Hi Laia,
    First, write the username and password in lowcase letter
    Secod, write it again

    The user and password I gave you, worked in class!

    c u

  2. Martina

    Hola Patri,

    M’agradaria que em diguessis com es passa el final de l’illa “Astro Knights” perquè estic on ja has trobat a la princesa i ara tens que matar al dolent aquell amb el mussol i no se com.

  3. patrienator Post author

    Dear Martina,
    Here you have the answer

    •WARNING: THIS IS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE so don’t get frustrated
    •While avoiding the circle thing, take the bomb before it’s flashing red and drop it on Mordred when it flashes red.
    •Do this twice, then you play as yourself
    •Jump through the middle of his arms, and jump onto the chandelier…
    •He will shoot a laser at you, causing the chandelier to fall…
    •Do this twice (once each side)

    •Congrats!! You’ve won the game!
    •Go back to the King and Queen to claim your medallion

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