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Our Golden Rules! Cicle Superior

These are the GOLDEN RULES we follow during our English lessons:

  1. Be gentle – Don’t be rough or hurt others
  2. Be kind – Say nice things, do nice things
  3. Be a trier Try to work hard and let others work hard too
  4. Be honest – Don’t hide it
  5. Be a listener – Don’t interrupt
  6. Be happy!


Now watch the video

Now match each one of our Golden rules to the Classroom rules in the video. Can you do it?

Make sure we’re all safe and happy at school!

Find adventures in Poptropica! Cicle Superior

Years 5 and 6 follow thrilling adventures during their English lessons. If  you want to play too and help us solving the misteries get in


Poptropica is a universe of islands in which there are misteries to find and solve. Ask for help and find vital objects to get through the end. And get your well deserved gold medal!

The year 5s work in teams, but the year 6s play on their own, which make it more exciting. For this reason, feel free to share your achievements in this blog and, of course, you can ask for help whenever you’re stuck or puzzled!

Good luck,