In Omells, students have learnt lots of names of different clothes and we practised  going to a clothes shop.

They learnt how to ask for clothes and how to sell. We used euros and they went shopping.

More or less, the dialogue was the following one:

C(costumer): Hello, good morning/good afternoon.

SA (Shop assistant): Hello! Can I help you?

C: Yes, can I have ….(a pink dress, blue trousers, green shoes…)?

SA: No, I’m sorry  / Yes, here you are.

C: How much is it?

SA: It’s…. €. Anything else?

C: Yes, can I have ….?

(after asking all the food, the costumer pays)

C: Bye, bye!

SA: Goodbye! Thank you!

Look how they enjoyed! PHOTOS

And we put some clothes on Tiger and we described him!