With CS and in the English class we learnt how to use Comparatives and Superlatives and how to talk about people. Therefore, they chose a famous person and they prepared a presentation about his/her life and how he/she is physically. Moreover, we practiced WH-questions with all these characters. Great job!!

With CM, we learnt about animals and how to describe them. Look at the wonderful descriptions!



In Omells, students have learnt lots of names of different clothes and we practised  going to a clothes shop.

They learnt how to ask for clothes and how to sell. We used euros and they went shopping.

More or less, the dialogue was the following one:

C(costumer): Hello, good morning/good afternoon.

SA (Shop assistant): Hello! Can I help you?

C: Yes, can I have ….(a pink dress, blue trousers, green shoes…)?

SA: No, I’m sorry  / Yes, here you are.

C: How much is it?

SA: It’s…. €. Anything else?

C: Yes, can I have ….?

(after asking all the food, the costumer pays)

C: Bye, bye!

SA: Goodbye! Thank you!

Look how they enjoyed! PHOTOS

And we put some clothes on Tiger and we described him!