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We use the past simple to talk about actions in the past that have finished. We use the present perfect simple to look back on actions in the past from the present.

These sentences are in the past with no connection to the present.

  • I first met him 10 years ago.
  • I started work here in 1987.
  • I ate too much at lunchtime.

Now look at these same situations seen from the present.

  • I’ve known him for 10 years.
  • I’ve worked here since 1987.
  • My stomach hurts. I’ve eaten too much.

Typical time phrases that we use with the past simple are ‘yesterday’, ‘ago’, ‘last year’, ‘in 1999’.

  • I spoke to him yesterday.
  • She came in a few moments ago.
  • We made our last purchase over a year ago.
  • He joined the company in 1999.

Typical time phrases that we use with the present perfect are ‘ever’, ‘never’, ‘since’.

  • I’ve never seen so many people.
  • Have you ever been more shocked?
  • I’ve done a lot since we last spoke.

Time phrases always used with the present perfect  are ‘already’, ‘just’, ‘yet’.

  • I haven’t done it yet.
  • I’ve just done it.
  • I’ve already done it.

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We are about to start unit 7 which is about the Past Simple and the Present Perfect. Watch the following videos:


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Conditionals are formed by two different sentences. The first is the condition preceded by IF, the second is the result of that condition.Have a look at the different tenses used in the First Conditional:


Now have a look at the videos:

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EASTER HOMEWORK (nivell bàsic 2)

Go to this website and do the following activities:

Vocabulary: Food and drink file 01, shopping file 07, school file 08

Written Comprehension: The power of Nature file 11, Pet owners file 18

Writing: What are you going to do these Easter Holidays? (170 words). Remember to use connectors and different tenses.You will have to hand in to your teacher this composition after the Easter holydays(26th March)

Grammar: Prepositions File 20, dreadly mistakes file 33

Listening Comprehension: Have a look at the blog regularly since  we will post interesting videos, some of them will have comprehension activities  with the answerkey and others (like Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem’s will be just for fun)