Last Friday 6th of october IPA productions performed the show “Billy Banjo” in our school.

Billy is a poor cowboy. His wife Kate wants money to fix his  house. Billy looks for money: he helps Mrs. Posh to paint his house. He helps a cowgirl to round up the cows. And finally, he helps Susie Stardust to play the guitar. He win a lot of money. But there is a bandit who steal the money. When he comes back home, he discover that the bandit is his wife. It was amazing!

Alba, Itziar, Precious i Arnau  5è



Last friday 6th of october we saw a theatre play called Billy Banjo in the school gym.

Billy is a cowboy. He lives with his wife Kate in an old house. They need money to repair the house . Billy helps Mrs Posh to paint her house. Billy helps Jane Wayne to round up the cows. Billy helps Susie Stardust to play the guitar in a concert. But there was a bandit who stole Billy 3 times. Fortunately, at the end , he discover the bandit was his wife

I found the story very funny.

Bernat 6è