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This beginning of February CS, 6th grades to be more precise, are dealing with the Solar System and they have to do a revision activity.

They have to listen to this audioboo and complete a worksheet with numbers. So, listen and complete.

Good luck!

Click on the audioboo link:


Here you have a video, very easy to follow, click on the link:


and a project on the Solar System made up by Russian students of English of your same age, click on the link:


Hope you enjoy it!

Bye bye class!


CS, in December, has dealt with Earth Science matters (CLIL) and they have joined topics, what has led us to “Wonders of the World”.

They have to do a final activity after Christmas holidays, that is, describe their favourite wonder, give reasons, etc. and post it as a comment on the blog (CS section).

So, make pairs, go to the computers room and click on the link to begin with the task:


Good luck!


Here you have  a model:

Our favourite wonder of the ancient world is the hanging gardens of babylon. They are very big, old and impressing. A man called Nebuchadnezzar made them for his wife and put in it exotic plants and animals from all over the world. They have incredible walls too. It is in the south west of Bagdad, in Iraq. We like the gardens of Babylon because they are very impressive and romantic.

By Àngels and co.:-D ____________________________________________________________________________________________________CICLE SUPERIOR: 5TH AND 6TH GRADES

On Monday, November 14th, we did an amazing activity in the English class:

A recipe: Chocolate cake!

But don’t think we just worked with vocabulary andcopied the recipe, no no!

We cooked the recipe in class! Yes! It was amazing,everybody enjoyed it so much!

The cake was delicious! Here you have the recipe!


-3 eggs

-Black chocolate (for desserts)

125 gr.-Sugar 125 gr.

-Butter 125 gr.

-Ferment (1 teaspoon)

-Milk (3 tablespoons)

Flour 80 gr.

A round mold (not of metal)

A bowl (not of metal)

A whisk


Step 1: Melt the butter and the chocolate in the microwave.

Step 2: Beat (or whisk) the eggs in a bowl and add sugar, beat again.

Put the milk, the flour and the ferment into the mixture and beat again.

Step 3: Mix the chocolate and the butter with the previous mixture. Stir.

Step 4: Grease a mold (suitable for microwave) with butter and powder flour too (for an easy removal!). Put the final mixture into the mold and put it into the microwave for 6 minutes (highest power).

Attention: Do not open the microwave for at least 5 miunutes after the 6 previous minutes!

Have a nice cooking time!!!

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    1. MARIA ANGELES Post author

      I’m glad to know you enjoyed it Aleix! Now, try it at home! Thanks for your comment! See you tomorrow in class.


    I love the cake was very good and I would again make the chocolate cake thanks to Miss angels !!!!!!!!!

    1. MARIA ANGELES Post author

      Thanks to you Angela! You did a good job! I’m glad to know you liked it! See you on Monday! bye bye

  2. Maria Ramos

    We need to make another cake and make photos.
    The cake was very good, this english is very funny.
    Thank you Miss Angels.

  3. IMMA


    1. MARIA ANGELES Post author

      Thank you class for being so participative and eager to try the cake at home! Good job boys and girls! We’ll do more similar activities, I promise! Thanks for the comments in English, you’ve tried it and, was it so difficult? I don’t think so!
      See you on Thursday! Bye!

  4. Aleix and Paula

    Our favorite wonder of the natural world is the volcano Paricutin in Michoacán, (Mexico).
    It is a cinder cone volcano
    Official height varies reported as 9,101 feet (2,774 meters) or 10,397 feet (3,000 meters) .It last erupted in 1952 .
    It is Youngest in America and birth witnessed by a human.
    Paricutin was named one of the seven natural wonders as an active volcano. The volcano has been dormant since the last eruption in 1952. It was established as a natural wonder because mankind witnessed its birth. The volcano was also fast growing reaching three-fourths of its size within the first year.
    We have chosen it because thanks to this lesson we’ve learned all about a volcano called Paricutin.

    By Aleix and Paula.

  5. Maria and Olga


    The Grand Canyon is a massive gorge located in the state of Arizona in the United States, and was created by the Colorado River. Although not the steepest nor the longest canyon in the world, the Grand Canyon is recognized as a natural wonder because of the overall scale and size combined with the beautifully coloured landscape. The canyon offers a variety of lookouts and experiences that provide visitors with a view that cannot be matched. The Grand Canyon is very long, it’s 446 km long.

    We chose this wonder as a natural phenomenon that seems very nice, and we also learned that the world has infinite marvels.

    By Maria and Olga

  6. Charlie i Angela

    The Great Pyramids were tombs built for pharaohs (or kings). The Egyptian kings wanted to preserve their bodies for the next life. The Egyptians put the king’s body, his treasures, and his last meal in the tomb. The pyramid of Cheops is one of the two remaining eight wonders of the world. The age of pyramid building was between 2686 B.C. and 2181 B.C.
    The Great Pyramids were built on the west bank of the Nile river at Giza. The Egyptians believed in a myth that the sun set in the west, creating an area called “The Realm of the Dead”. They also built them close to a stone quarry or the pharaoh’s capital.As the outside of the pyramid grew taller, the inside tunnels and chambers were also being built There were rooms and galleries for the treasures, the Queen’s chamber, and the King’s burial chamber.Once the pyramid grew to 300 feet and there was only a ten foot square at the top, a pyramid shaped granite capstone was set at the top. A piece of stone stuck out from the bottom of the capstone and was interlocked with a notch from the lower level. This formed a permanent bond.
    We relly like the pyramids because they are ancient and how they constructed them it is amazing.

    By Angela and Charlie.

    We hope you enjoy it!

  7. Arnau i Josep

    The Mount Everest in Himalaya, between Nepal and Tibet, is the highest mountain in the world above sea level.
    The Mountain Everest is 8,848 m high.
    Mauna Kea in Hawaii is the actual tallest mountain in the world bellow sea.
    We have chosen it because we really like.

    By Arnau and Josep

  8. imma i maria

    Our favorite wonder of the ancient world is the Aurora Boreal. They are very big, old and impressing. The auroras, also known as the Northern Lights, are naturally occurring lights that create intriguing and spectacular displays in the sky. The aurora lights frequently appear as diffused glow lighting up the horizon. The most amazing sight is when the northern lights appear as waves across the sky; it is almost as if the lights are dancing. Be one of the first to know who the winners are for the new 7 wonders of nature. Announced on the Travel Tracker first before any other place. Fun travel app with a whole variety of bucket list ideas.

    We have chosen it because we like, because it is impressing.

    By IMMA and Maria

  9. Àngels

    Good job boys and girls! Hope you’ve enjoyed it and learnt more about the “WONDERS OF THE WORLD”. Now, other people will learn too by reading your texts. Well done!
    See you in class!!!
    Bye bye.


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