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Hobbies and Sports

Hello students! How are you?

Here you have a quiz about hobbies and sports. You can play with friends or alone. At the beginning you can try the number of teams. At the end there is a final question, in which you can put how many points do you want to bet in order to win them or lose them.

How many points did you make?

Ex. “I made_______points”


Make your monster!

Hello students! Do you want to create your own monster? Here you have the opportunity!

First choose a colour, and then listen to the monster.

The monster will tell you what eyes, arms, nose, mouth, legs and ears he wants.

If you like the result, you can print it!

Do you like the game?

Ex: Yes, I like the game!    or   No, I don’t like the game.


Adjectives and Antonyms

Hello there everybody! Knowing the adjectives and their opposites is very important to have a good English comprehension at all levels. Play this game if you wan to remember and learn the use of different adjectives and their antonyms.

Do you think this game is interesting? Did you make any mistakes?


Ex: I think this game is….

       I had_____mistakes.


Welcome to our blog!

Welcome everybody to the Antonio Machado school English blog!! I hope you enjoy all the activities, games and videos we are going to share. Please read the rules of the blog, and try to comment every activity that you do.

See you around!! And remember…English is fun!

PD: I let you this beautiful song, which is perfect for reviewing the days of the week. Do you like it?