Hobbies and Sports

Hello students! How are you?

Here you have a quiz about hobbies and sports. You can play with friends or alone. At the beginning you can try the number of teams. At the end there is a final question, in which you can put how many points do you want to bet in order to win them or lose them.

How many points did you make?

Ex. “I made_______points”


36 thoughts on “Hobbies and Sports

  1. Arianna 3rb

    E esl games played game world. I made all questions corect ie accumulated 4,500 e doubled my money and throughout 9000

  2. grup olga,iker,laura i lucas

    Olga 2300
    Iker 2300
    Laura 2100
    Lucas 2200
    the Iker is rex


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