Music Day at Doctor Seres!

Hello again!

Recently at Doctor Seres we all celebrated the annual music day and my goodness do we have some talented students here!

First thing in the morning, English teachers Montse and Estela told a story in Catalan accompanied by a soundtrack about ‘The most beautiful song in the world’ to the younger years which they all seemed to love.

Elsewhere in the school, students were playing instruments and giving performances with visitors, one pair of students even sang an English song in Catalan.

As well as this, we saw band and solo performances from year 5 (all in English which was very impressive) and other students from year 5 joined in a belly dancing class.

In the afternoon, the whole school was lucky enough to see a performance that involved a man playing glass bottles filled with water as musical instruments, an interesting experience I’m sure we’ll never forget!

Another successful music day at Doctor Seres!


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