Reading Assistant

During the 2nd term, 6th grade have been practicing reading, listening and speaking with the Reading Assistant Trail. With the reading assistant we followed these steps:

  • We chose a book from the library
  • We practiced the vocabulary for the story
  • We listened as the program read the story to us and we answered some questions
  • We recorded ourselves reading the story
  • We answered some final questions and we earned some points


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As a closing of the 2nd term we celebrated our English day!!

We started with some performances in the theatre while other students created a Cartoons mural. Then we enjoyed diferent activities as bingo, singing and dancing, a quiz and some computer games.

   As you can see in the video… It was such a fun day!!


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First term activities!!

Hello everyone!! We want to show you some activities 5th and 6th grade students have been doing during the first term.

We worked with groups, we practiced speaking, we practiced descriptions, we decorated our classroom, we started the Reading Assistant trial and we rehearsed some Christmas songs.



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Christmas Carols

Today, the whole school went to Fra Bernadi Square to sing Carols. We perfomed some English Christmas songs:

5th Grade – Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

6th Grade – Jingle bell rock

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The Forest

1st and 2n grade students have painted some forest displays as a part of the forest project.

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We’ve been enjoying some Halloween activites such as board games, crosswords, crafts, playing online games and… we’ve carved Jack-O’-Lanterns.


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A new course begins!!

We have started a new course with a lot of  energy to learn English and have fun!!


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English Day :)

We celebrated our English Day and we had a lot of fun!!

We enjoyed the theatre play called Tarzan. Then we did different activities such as songs, games, videos and board games.



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Welcome to the new English Blog!!

….. under construction ….

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Hola, món!

Benvingut/da a XTECBlocs. Aquest és el teu primer article. Edita’l o esborra’l i comença a fer ús del bloc!

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