Aquest curs, a tots els cursos de primària hem pogut gaudir de contes explicats en anglès. Diferents professors i professores d’una acadèmia de Manlleu ens han vingut a explicar contes i a proposar-nos alguna activitat que hi estigués relacionada. Ens ha agradat molt i ha estat molt interessant poder escoltar altres persones parlant en anglès a part de les nostres mestres del dia a dia!


Story Time is back! Once a month we listen to a new online story. In February we have enjoyed the following tales:

-Hiku (First Cycle)

-Verne for children (Second Cycle)

-Storms (Third Cycle)


The activity of telling stories in English to CM has been a very enriching experience in terms of actively listening to the English language. The selection of stories about pirate stories has been right and appropriate for the level of the students. During the stories the students have actively participated and carefully followed the narrative thread. At the end of each story they have played the hangman game with those words from the stories being worked on. Activity that they liked a lot and motivated. Note that there was a session in which the theme of the stories was changed to coincide with Women’s Day. She told us about the life of Madame Curie and then introduced us to other women who have been relevant in advocating for rights and gender equality throughout history.


  • Pirate Patch and the Black bird attack.
  • Pirate Patch and the Message in a Bottle.
  • Pirate Patch and the five-minute millionaires.
  • Pirate Patch and the heroic rescue.
  • Pirate Patch and the Fastest ship on the sea.
  • Pirate patch and the box of bones.
  • Pirate patch and the treasure map.
  • Marie Curie.

Reading Assistant

During the 2nd term, 6th grade have been practicing reading, listening and speaking with the Reading Assistant Trail. With the reading assistant we followed these steps:

  • We chose a book from the library
  • We practiced the vocabulary for the story
  • We listened as the program read the story to us and we answered some questions
  • We recorded ourselves reading the story
  • We answered some final questions and we earned some points



As a closing of the 2nd term we celebrated our English day!!

We started with some performances in the theatre while other students created a Cartoons mural. Then we enjoyed diferent activities as bingo, singing and dancing, a quiz and some computer games.

   As you can see in the video… It was such a fun day!!


First term activities!!

Hello everyone!! We want to show you some activities 5th and 6th grade students have been doing during the first term.

We worked with groups, we practiced speaking, we practiced descriptions, we decorated our classroom, we started the Reading Assistant trial and we rehearsed some Christmas songs.