Year 6

testing the energy projects


Enjoy the power of renewable energy!

Imatge de previsualització de YouTube


story creation


reading rods


readig rods help children create sentences

English Day – chef’s hat brainstorming


Y6 students have been sharing their ideas. They have to choose which chef’s hat will be wearing during the English Day.
This video shows some craftmaking and teamwork.
Good job!

towards self assesssment


This video explains what are Rubrics: a self assessment tool. Students are aware of their learning process. They gain confidence and autonomy. Teachers and students share a balanced learning responsability.
Rubrics engage our students from the beggining until the end of the task.

An interesting webpage


Here we show you one webpage which can help you at home, you will find some interesting activities.

Remember: you need your parents help for the registration!


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