Unit 3: The plants


1.Listen to the needs of a plant song.

2. Listen to the plant parts song.

3. Video from a seed to a flower.

4. Story “Sid the seed”

5. The plants games.


Unit 1: The Human body and the Human Skeleton


1. Review the parts of the body vocabulary with this video

2. Sing “This is ME!” song


3. Click on these links to play different games to review parts of the body vocabulary.

4. Watch this video and learn the parts of the body


5. Watch this video and learn about joints and bones


THE HUMAN SKELETON IMG_89841. Sing the skeleton dance

2. Watch this movie to know how the human skeleton works.


Unit 2: The five senses

1. The five senses videos

Video 1 – Video 2

Video 3Video 4

2. The five senses games

Game 1Game 2Game 3

Sense of Sight

Sense of smell

Sense of touch

Sense of hearing

Game 2

Sense of taste

Game 2 – Game 3


In this unit we’re doing some experiments. Optical illusions and the nice smells games. Look at the photos.



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