ComConèixer: Patrick Lam visits IES Les Corts

Friday 24th October

Patrick Lam, school principal and responsible for the Building Knowledge Project in Hong Kong, visited our 3rd ESO ComConèixer students. He wanted to meet them in order to find us a school partner in Hong Kong. We told him about the project we are carrying out in our class, we end up sharing ideas and asking and answering Patrick’s questions about global warming, which is the topic of our project.

Patrick Lam left our school happy to have met us and he explains his experience in his school website, you can have a look at

Another very important thing is that we already have an international school partner. They are the Ho Lap College in Hong Kong. Have a look at their site at:

Thursday 3oth October

We had our first videoconference with our local net school partners Escola Andersen.We shared our points of view on global warming and we talk about the videopresentations we are preparing regarding lifestyle.

We have to say that it was a success!!

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