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Didactic use -enhancement activities-sending some work (audiofiles)-writing exercises combined with guessing-gap filling exercise after doing some listening

-they can create their own blog that is used as a portfolio-activities to promote autonomy of learning

Skills Reading, Writing,
Age range CI, CM, CS, secondary
Examples -use it as a portfolio-to show final products (text, poem, description,…)


Link  Slideshare


Didactic use -upload different powerpoints-download different powerpoints related to topic dealt in class-to be used as a support while they’re doing a presentation-they can work with images, text and sound at the same time
Skills Reading, writing, speaking, listening
Age range CM, CS, secondary
Examples -to create a powerpoint in groups about an open-door activity


Link Wikispaces , PBwiki , dokuwiki ,Wetpaint


Didactic use -Write a text in groups-Create a story

-Prepare a party

-Share some information (from personal one to the group)

-give personal opinions

Skills Writing, Reading, Typing, Choose the information
Age range CS and ESO
Examples -creation of a story (scary, funny,…) -not guided

-creation of a story (pictures,…) guided-prepare a party, a trip, a campsite…

-create a magazine

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