Year 5


Hello, my dear 5th grade students,

In order to find all the English links easily, I have created this symbaloo where you can find the Macmillan web (to check your English book), the flip link (to upload your videos) and many other resources to improve your English.

Save the link to the favourites bar.

enllaç symbaloo


Hello boys and girls!! I’m very happy and pround of you becouse some of you have particiapted in Padlet and I’m happy to see you like the fixies video.

This week is Easter Hollidays and I’m going to share with you two videos.

Video number one another about the Fixies.

The second video is the most important!!!

In this video you will see a challenge. Watch the video and make your own desk organaiser. You can play the games too. When you do it share with your friends in Padlet.

Lot of kissess!!


30-3 April

Hello boys and girls! How are you??? During these days I’m going to send you some exercices and videos you can do and watch.

This is the first video.

When you finish the video, Can you share which is you favourite Fixie and why??

I send you a padlet link, where we can share which is your favourite.

In this Padlet you can share diferent activities you are doing during these days. Always in English. I start sharing a delicious biscuits recipe.

As you remember we were practising our routins in English. I send you a reading link you can do too.

I hope you like it! See you soon!




















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