Year 3



This week I share with you some Easter activites! I hope you like them!! Lot of kissess!!!!

  1. Whatch the video and play the game.
  2. Play these games.

If you prefer to print some activities you can download these ones.


Week 30 to 2 April.

Hello again!! How are you??

This week I share with you some activities and a video to review present simple.

When you watch the video you can do these activities:

If you prefer print some activities I share with you these exercices.

Week 23 to 27 of April

Hello boys and girls how are you? I’m very good but these days are being a little bit strage without seeing you at school. I send you some activities you can do during these days.

First I send you a video, watch it and do the activites.

When you watch the video…can you draw a superhero and describe  the clothes? Remember we need to use the verb have got and colours before the name of the clothes. To do this activity I create a Padlet where we can share our work. I share an example.

Finally I send some links to practise vocabulary and grammar.


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