We are running a garden project, in which pupils and families are involved. We have planted sunflowers in the district garden with the support of a community association. We have visited this urban garden on different occasions to see the vegetables that we can find there. Watch it on Multimedia section.

Growing sunflowers is great!!!

We brought our potted sunflower plants to a district garden.

We used shovels to dig holes.

Then we removed the plants from the pots and we planted them in the soil.

We also planted some sunflower seeds in the ground.

We were excited to find snails and worms hanging around the soil and grass.

We are happy to look after our sunflowers!!!

We did some experiments, such as the “Celery and food coloring”. We saw how the stem and leaves get the same coloring food used. Have a look at the Multimedia section, please.


Last Wednesday 29th May we celebrated the English Day at Lanaspa-Giralt. We did different activities, such as songs, performances, an exhibition about Emoji pictures, a story told by all the teachers… We had a good time! These videos and photos show you some exciting moments of this event.

The Enormous Turnip is  a story about a woman farmer who needs the help from other people and animals to pull a big turnip, which grows in her field. It’s explained by all the teachers. Watch it on Multimedia section.


We learnt the song “I’m a Fox” which was taught by the 1st and 2nd grade pupils. Watch it on Multimedia section.

We have hung a few emojis in English about different topics in the school hall.


Tom Sawyer

“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” (1876) is one of the best-loved and most quoted works of Mark Twain.

Tom Sawyer was a young boy living with his Aunt Polly in St Petersburg. Tom is punished with the task of whitewashing a fence.

The boys met at the graveyard, they saw Injun Joe kills Dr. Robinson and tried to blame it on the drunken Muff Porter. Injun Joe is unaware that the boys have seen what he’s done.

At the end Tom and Huck discovered a box of gold (that once belonged to Injun Joe), and the money is invested for them. They were rech.

You can read the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain

http://Tom Sawyer



Hi families, how are you?

Our year 1 pupils have started the Science project and they’re very excited about it! New books and digital material which look very interesting for them!

I hope they’re going to enjoy the classes 😉

Have a nice year!


Ahir l’actriu de la companyia de teatre en anglès Tale Teller, ens va venir a representar el conte “The Princess and the Frog” a l’escola, pels nens de primer i de segon.

La història tracta d’una bruixa (witch) que demana a un príncep molt atractiu (Prince Perfect) que li faci un petó (kiss). Davant la negativa d’aquest príncep a fer-li el petó, la bruixa s’enfada molt i el converteix en granota (frog).

Un dia, la granota se’n va a nedar a un riu (river) a prop d’un palau (palace) on hi viuen un rei (king) i la seva filla, la princesa (princess).

La princesa està jugant a prop del riu i li cau la seva pilota daurada (golden ball) a dins de l’aigua. La granota l’ajuda a recuperar-la a canvi d’un petó de la noia. En un principi, ella hi està d’acord, però finalment se’n va cap al palau corrents sense fer-li.

La granota, molt trista, es presenta davant del rei i de la seva filla reclamant el petó que li havia promès: “A promise is a promise”.

Tot acaba bé perquè la noia accepta de fer-li, una mica mostrant rebuig i fàstics, i de sobte, succeeix la transformació en Prince Perfect, del principi del conte.

Els nens i nenes de Cicle Inicial han gaudit d’aquesta història clàssica i han participat de la seva representació, cantant cançons, ballant i interactuant amb l’actriu.

Princess f4


Ahir l’actriu de la companyia de teatre en anglès Tale Teller, ens va venir a representar el conte “The Timid Hare” a l’escola pels nens de P4 i P5.

La història tracta d’una llebre, hare en anglès, a la qual a la nit, li agrada molt dormir a sota d’un arbre de mangos (mango tree). Però quan aquests fruits estan madurs i cauen a terra, s’espanta molt perquè creu que les estrelles del cel li cauen al seu damunt. Aleshores, té tanta por que avisa a la resta d’animals de la selva africana, perquè fugin d’aquest perill.

Els animals que li fan cas són: zebras, antilopes, elephants and giraffes.

Afortunadament, el lleó (lion) que és molt intel·ligent els fa recapacitar i els tranquil·litza dient que no és cert que caiguin les estrelles i que no hi ha motiu per patir.

Els nens i nenes d’E.Infantil han gaudit del conte i han participat de la seva representació, cantant cançons, ballant i interactuant amb l’actriu.


Dear families, this term we invite you to read some poems about “Pirates”.

What do pirates do?pirate vocabulary

All day and night,

they sail the seas;

they’re very brave and bold.

They count the gulls

and watch the waves

and search for chests of gold.


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