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6é Camp

From the 14th to the 17th of april the eagles class went on a school camp.

We did lots of things: tennis, swimming, “xurro”…and more things that we can not explain now because of the time. We also made friends and enemies, and Sara made a relationship that still is alive.

Everyone talked about then and said: “fiu,fiu, Pol and Sara,what a couple…”.

As it was our trip, we were alone. We had a great time!!! On our free time, we played tennis, volleyball and more things! Moreover, one night we went to the swimming pool. It was all perfect until Xavier told us a scary story.

One night we went on a party with the French guys, and we found a scary animal, a “warm” that was perfect for the scary story.

The next day, Adrià,Mouad and Zé went to touch the “worm”.

Those days were fantastic!!