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Geometric Figures

On the first term, Anna gave us some papers where there were some geometric figures that were unfolded. We had to paint them (each face on different colours), and then cut the figures and fold them by the lines. Then, we sticked the figures with glue so we had the figures already made.

On the segond term, we did the figures at home, and after some days, we brought them at class. The figures were very nice!

Finally, on the third term, we made the figures at home and not too many at class. We sticked them on a black board and we wrote our names!

The result was fantastic! 🙂

6é Camp

From the 14th to the 17th of april the eagles class went on a school camp.

We did lots of things: tennis, swimming, “xurro”…and more things that we can not explain now because of the time. We also made friends and enemies, and Sara made a relationship that still is alive.

Everyone talked about then and said: “fiu,fiu, Pol and Sara,what a couple…”.

As it was our trip, we were alone. We had a great time!!! On our free time, we played tennis, volleyball and more things! Moreover, one night we went to the swimming pool. It was all perfect until Xavier told us a scary story.

One night we went on a party with the French guys, and we found a scary animal, a “warm” that was perfect for the scary story.

The next day, Adrià,Mouad and Zé went to touch the “worm”.

Those days were fantastic!!


In English classes we studied the food.

When we finished the unit we did a menu of plasticine.

Everyone thought a different menu, and there were lots of ideas.

Some did a pizza, others chicken…

It was difficult for some of us, because we didn’t know how to do the dishes, and because we didn’t know the ingredients we needed.

When we finished the menus, we presented them in English.

Lots of people, instead of saying chicken, that means “pollastre”, said kitchen, that means “cuina”.

Afterwards presenting our menus, we voted the ones we liked the most, and two people win: Laia Maureso and Shenglei Ye. 

The result was fantastic!    


I am Alexis and I will talk about Physical Education.

This year we have worked on basketball, raquets, frisvies and hockey.

On basketball: We have learned the laws, how to make points, how to win a match and how to play a tournment.

On hockey: We have worked on the laws, as well as how to play and how to take the “stick”.

If someday we behave correctly, Xavier lets us some free time to play.

We do Physical Education on the sports centre on fridays,  from 11:15 am to 13:00 pm.

English boys

On the 10th and 11th  of Febrary two english boys came to our school.

Their names were Harry and Tom. There were on an exchange with the Miquel Biada High School. Before they arrived we prepared some posters about: money, festivities, weather, food and actors of Spain.

We divided the posters explanations into two parts. The first part was about England. Before they came, we had the Spanish explanation done, and then, they explained us the English part.

We had a gread time and we learned a lot in those two days !

The murals were  very beautiful!

Sara Naia i Laies.  


During all the course, we have been rehearsing  a dance for the end of course , as it is our last year.

We have divided ourselves into two groups:

– ¨Aqua ¨

– ¨ Miley Cirus ¨

Each monday we have gone to the gym to rehearse  them with Xavier Riera.

Each group had to invent their own dance.

Apart from making a dance each group, we will make a dance all girls together,because it is our last year.

We have done this activity all together to remember one good moment.