Selfie Board

“Selfies” are such a “must”, aren’t they?

The pupils in 3rd grade love selfies, and that’s why we are creating a fun poster for the class related to this topic.

The first thing we did is take a selfie of all the group.


The next step was to hand out a paper phone which children had to fill in with interesting information about themselves (favourite book, favourite food, favourite school subject…)

Finallly, the pupils had to draw their own selfie.

At the moment, I’m arranging all the real selfies and the ones they drew themselves to make a beautiful poster. We will show it to you soon!


Five Senses: Textures

The children in the 2nd grade have been working on the 5 senses through lovely lap books, fun experiments and worksheets.

Today we focused on the sense of TOUCH. I chose five textures not to overwhelm the children: SOFT, ROUGH, SMOOTH, STICKY and HARD.

I displayed on a table 5 objects that defined these words properly. Children took turns and came by to touch each object


Later, I handed in a worksheet with a hand drawn in it. In this hand they stuck a little piece of the textures that represented each word.

Kids found it fun to touch and they got familiar with some difficult words to describe textures.

arnau1 touch

Do you like broccoli ice cream?

The boys and girls in P3 strongly recommend you to listen to this funny song! What happens when we combine foods we like? I bet your first thought was..delicious but…WARNING! the result might be quite disgusting!

Before listening to this song I told the children a short story based on the song. The story was about two friends and a dog that went out for lunch to a restaurant and met a distracted waiter, to say the least.



ERASMUS+ Mobility to Portugal

We are preparing the project for the mobility to Portugal. Every one of us is looking for information to know something more about Portugal (we are collecting data of the physical situation, curiosities, food, some vocabulary, the flag, and etc.).
Here you are some pictures of children, they are working collaboratively and by themselves.
The results are impressive and they learn a lot!!
Great for them!!!

Press the picture



One of our favourite parts of the fact that Easter is back is that we are going to eat plenty of chocolate! yummy!

maria easter

maria 2


We have celebrated Easter in the English class by making some cute bunnies holding an enormous carrot. This carrot had a surprise inside: it was filled with M&M’s (mmm chocolate!!!)

We also wrote an acrostic poem about Easter. María Sánchez (4thB) is showing us her card! Great job!