Unit 5. Community Action Project. Step 4. Take Action

For the next few weeks, take action in your community. You will put your project plan into action, complete your task list, and have an impact on water issues near to you.Remember to take photos and videos to document your Community Action Project.

First, create a Project Work Diary and be a good team member, collaborate, get creative, be responsible, and have fun!

Choose a Topic: Date:                             Group:
Waste Pollution, Water Conservation and

Water pollution and clean up

Assign Roles:
Diary Keeper:
Note taker:
Time keeper:
Meeting Leader:
Class Ambassador:

Class Meeting

As you take action, you will have regular meetings to discuss your progress. The meeting leader sets a purpose and everyone shares their work, talks and challenges, and exchange ideas. You Class Ambassador will ask ideas about what to post in the e-classroom and shares replies from peers with the class. You can also assign a notetaker and a timekeeper for each meeting.

Discussion questions for your meeting

1. What tasks did we finish last week?

2. What tasks do we need to work on this week?

3. Who will do each class?

4. Who is finished with their task and can help others?

5. Are we on track to meet our Community Action Goal? Do we need to change our plan?

6. What will we share about our progress in the e-classroom?

7. What are your reactions to the replies we receives to our last post? How should we respond to our peers?

8. What advice should we ask for from our peers?