20080805-play.jpeg  Last Friday, 23rd of January, our school (6th grade) participated to the TV programme called PLAY transmited on K3 channel. They did really well: the maths and the spelling game, the questions about a film and a song, “find the word” game, the performance of this song and as viewers because they encouraged and participated a lot.

  It will be transmited on spring, but we don’t know the exactly day yet. Then it will be uploaded on this web.

  See some photos during the recording.

If you want to practice some PLAY games click on this link.

Fashion parade


All the pupils in 5th grade dressed up as they prefered and their partners described them. You can see them on these videos:

                 5th A and B

                 5th C


  But most children in 5th B don’t appear on the video because something was recorded on their recording and their fantastic performance was removed! I’m really sorry!! 




Here you can see some photos during the different activities…

Hello little ghosts! 

On the 31st of October, next Friday morning, 6th grade pupils will dress up as scary withes, skeletons, vampires,… and will go to each Primary class scaring them, singing and performing Halloween songs, playing games and acting out a story. Are you ready?? Don’t switch off the lights…

This is the programme:

  1st group 2nd group 3rd group
6th A Enya- Daniel- Ariadna- Laura- Martin- Clàudia- Kim – Josep Mª Anaïs- Pablo- Jordi E.- Joel- Noelia- Camila- Olga- Aitor Gerard- Ferran- Natatxa- Marc- Jordi G.- Mª Laura – Cristina
6th B Andrea- Víctor- Mustafa- Enric- Sandra- (Anna)- Joaquim Marc- Cristina- Paula- Bogdan- Catalina- Rahma Eduard- Jordi- Irene- Mireia Sara – Isaac M.- Isaac R.
6th C Ricard- Daniel- David- Ivan-Nadine- Carme- Armanda Mireia- Marina- Jèssica- Carla- Angela- Anna Zilvinas- Mar- Damià- Robert- Meritxell- Miquel À.
6th A 11.15-11.35 h. 11.40-12.05 h.
1st group 2nd B- “Trick or treat” SONG/ Colouring 4th B- Riddles /Board Games
2nd group 2nd C- “Halloween rhyme”/ Colouring 4th C- Riddles /Hidden pumpkins Game
3rd group 2nd A- “Halloween rhyme”/ Colouring 4th A- Riddles /Board Game
6th B 9: 15- 10 h.
1st group 5th C – Theatre/ Hidden clues Game
2nd group 5th A-Theatre/ Hidden clues Game/ Pumpkin craft
3rd group 5th B – Theatre/ Hidden pumpkins Game/ Bingo
6th C 12.10-12.30 h. 12.35 – 13 h.
1st group 1stB- “5 little pumpkins” SONG/ Colouring 3rdB- “Trick or treat” SONG/ Hidden pumpkins & Board Game
2nd group 1stC- “Trick or treat” SONG/ Colouring/ Surprise Box 3rdC- “Halloween Rhyme”/ Apple Bobbing Game
3rd group 1stA- “Trick or treat” SONG/ Colouring 3rdA- Riddles /Hidden pumpkins Game

  See some photos during the rehearsal.


Last day at school 5th and 6th grade were ready for singing and dancing on the stage. They prepared some songs at the karaoke.                                                                         karaoke_small.jpg

See the photos! They not only sing, what it’s more difficult, they also dance!               

These are the singers and the dancers:

•1-   Aqua: “Barbie girl”: Susanna, Clàudia, Melissa M./ Alfred, Dani.

•2-   Britney Spears: “One more time”: Mar, Àngela.

•3-   James Blunt: “1973”: Ivan, Cristian, Alexandre.

•4-   Grease: Catalina, Mireia, Sandra, Isaac M.

•5-   Leona Lewis: “Bleeding love”: Paola, Anna M., Montse

•6-   Bon Jovi: “It’s my life”: Rubén G.

•7-   Celine Dion: “My heart will go on”: Carme, Anna, Paula

•8-   Britney Spears: “Lucky”: Mireia, Jèssica, Carla, Nadine.

•9-   QUEEN: “We’re we will rock you”: Joel, Josep Mª, Marc

•10-  Nelly Furtado: “Say it right”: Marina, Elisabet, Montse

•11-  Amy Winehouse: “Rehab”: Ariadna, Cristina, Anaïs, Nataixa

•12-  Rihanna: “Umbrella”: Noèlia, Cristina

•13-  Village People: “YMCA”: Josep, Aleix, Sergi C., Elisabet, Marina


3322722383.jpeg  It’s the end of the school year and for 6th grade pupils is the last year at Primary school. To say goodbye to the school they have prepared 3 fantastic plays in English.

6th A has prepared a play called “Ella on pop dream”. It’s like Cinderella tale but in the 21st century and it happens during a casting of “Operacion Triunfo”. It’s very funny!  Last Monday 16th of June they did in front of all the Primary pupils and teachers. PHOTOS

6th B first group does a play called “Stop it, dragon” about a dragon that seems very bad but it isn’t. It kidnaps a girl and her friends try to help her asking for help to the witches, the militars and even to the models! The dragon has some important reasons to act as it does. It is also a comedy. Last Wednesday 18th of June they represented it. PHOTOS

6th B second group has done a play called “Zig and Zag”. They are two alliens that arrive at The Earth and want to practice some sports, but they are not very good at them, only at one. It’s very funny. Last Tuesday 17th of June they acted it out. PHOTOS



In groups, pupils decided the topic for doing a project about: sports and hobbies, a famous person,…

  I insisted on the fact of being original and the result was fantastic, not only on the variety of materials they used but also during the presentation to their classmates.

5th C Marina, Nadine, Meritxell, Anna and Jèssica Marina, Nadine, Meritxell, Anna and Jèssica Marina, Nadine, Meritxell, Anna and Jèssica
Carme, Carla, Mar, Armanda and Zilvinas Carme, Carla, Mar, Armanda and Zilvinas Carme, Carla, Mar, Armanda and Zilvinas
5th B Andrea, Mireia, Anna and Catalina Andrea, Mireia, Anna and Catalina Andrea, Mireia, Anna and Catalina
Isaac, Rahma, Eduard and Jordi Isaac, Rahma, Eduard and Jordi Isaac, Rahma, Eduard and Jordi
5th A Ariadna, Gerard, Jordi G. and Cristina Ariadna, Gerard, Jordi G. and Cristina Ariadna, Gerard, Jordi G. and Cristina

  One group in 5th A and another group in 5th C has recorded a video, they’re very original. 5th A video is too long but finally I can upload it! Here it is:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

 Now, here you can see the video recorded by a group in 5th C:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

See more videos recorded by this group: CONTINUATION 1  CONTINUATION 2

Now, here you have some photos about their projects:  5thA      5thB       5thC 


During the whole school year, each week a different student brought a new word for his/her class. It had to be a word that they never studied at school and they found it in the dictionary, on the internet, in magazines or wherever… They made a picture of it and wrote the English word on it.

Here you can see all the words that they have brought, thay are all new and now we know more vocabulary!  PHOTOS

Animal Project

images.jpg  In pairs, children have prepared a project about their favourite animal.

Then they explained it in front of the class. Here you can see some photos.                                               images2.jpg

Click on each class to see their projects:  5thA          5thB         5thC

Europe Day


On the 9th of May is celebrated the Europe Day 

  And to know more about it, some children in 5th C group worked in pairs and they:

a) drew their hands on a coloured paper 9797760.jpg

b) chose an European country       europe-map.gif        



c) looked for its name in English (França= France) 

and its flag on the Internet images.jpg

d) found out how it is said “Bon dia” on this language (“Bonjour”)

e) and wrote on these hands the information.

They learned a lot! 

The Fonix contest- Regional stage

  Last Saturday Anna E., Anna M., their parents and me went to Tarragona. There were 15 or 16 pupils in each grade, and the 14th of May we’ll know the winners. We hope Anna E. and Anna M. become the winners!

For more information click on this link:

Now look at these photos during the test

And finally, we know the results, they aren’t the winners, but they did it really well, so I’m sure that they’re the second in each cathegory! What a pity that there’s only one winner…


We’ve done lots of projects: about animals, the school, towns, houses, famous people…  In groups of 4 or 5 pupils (teacher decides the groups and changes them in each project) decide the title and the content of their project, from a topic.

  For example, in this unit the topic was TOWN and they did: 

MY TOWN: L’ametlla de Mar

They hava a lot of imagination. And they also did the ANT TOWN and CHOCOLATELAND!




This year there is a contest around Catalonia called “The Fonix”, and our school participates. We did a test to each class in the 3rd cycle, and there were a lot of excellent marks. But only 1 child in 5th grade and another in 6thgrade could win. So we tossed up for it (fer-ho a sorts entre les millors notes) and the LOCAL STAGE winners are:

Anna Espuny (5thC) and Anna Martín (6thA). Congratulations girls, now do your best in the REGIONAL STAGE in Tarragona next Saturday. 


Singing on karaoke

We like singing, but what we like most is singing on karaoke! But in English is a liitle bit difficult, so sometimes we practice it at school. Last day we sang these songs (click here to see the photos):

CELINE DION (Titanic film) “My heart will go on”
NELLY FURTADO “All good Things(Come To An End)”
NELLY FURTADO “Say it right” 
BRITNEY SPEARS “Baby One More Time”

Do you want to sing on karaoke at home? Try this one! RIHANNA "Umbrella"[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Peace Day

On 30th January is celebrated the School Day of Non-violence and Peace. So this day we talked about some words related to peace, we sang a famous song and we did these big doves with our hands on it and a message against war, violence and intollerance. There were lot of original and impressive messages. For example:

Ariadna Álvarez- 5th A
“Friendship is wonderful, make the most of it”
Mar Martí- 5th C
“On Peace Day not wars and lots of peace”

 Click on here to read the song and see our doves 

And then, you can listen to the song watching its video [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]   

or sing it on karaoke!! [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Spelling contest

  During all the school year, 6th grade pupils were practicing the alphabet and spelling words in order to win the contest in their classrooms. But in March we did a semifinal, and then the winners participate in a final betwwen both classes: 6th A and 6th B. And the winner was… Clàudia Caramés; the second Albert Borràs and the third Alexandre Delvaux. But everybody did their best, so we all enjoyed ourselves!

                                             Click on here to see some photos

Meeting 6th grade

  This level has got only 2 groups, they are 49 pupils. Their tutors are Xavier F. and Miquel Àngel G. respectively. Most of them are boys, so they are a little bit naughty… I’m joking, they’re great! 


  Next year, these students are going to be in Secondary school and I’ll miss them very much. We’ve been together 2 years and we’ve done lots of activities together: excursions, contests, projects, games,… You can see them in this blog, enjoy yourself!

Meeting the 5th grade

5th grade is a group of 60 pupils more or less, distributed in 3 classrooms: A, B and C. Their tutors are Víctor P., Lídia G. and Sergio T. respectively.


  In the English lessons they’ve worked hard along the school year, and here we’ll show that this is true. Enjoy yourself with its photos, projects, activities,…