Erasmus+ CLIL Science

Hello world!!

This part of the blog is about Science. You can find stories about nature, the world, experiments, etc,…

This is a very interesting world!!


Spring activities:

We are presenting some experiments in the CLIL Science classes. for example, we have created vacuum in a glass or we are experimenting with kinetic energy and batteries:

Here we re in our school’s Science lab doing more reseach on energy (estatic energy, electrical power, magnetism,…)

Here we are going to insert and upload some works our students do in the Science classes.

Here they are explaining the locomotor system. They are showing us the muscles and the bones.
In this picture, Cristian is explaining the central nervous system, that the six grade pupils have studied.



Now we have some pictures of Martina (6thB) when she did an experiment and a presentation last week. This experiment was about how the senses of smell and taste are related:DSC00061 (800x600)

Well done, Martina!!