Our school

Our public secondary school started to work in September 2007 and this is its first school year. The buildings have got yellow walls and dark green floors. However, in the gym the exterior walls are blue.

The building is situated in the street Domènech Sugrañes i Gras, without number. Near it there are a kindergarden, a primary school and a old people’s home. There is the education-zone of Salou. Soon there will be the building of the EOI and a private school called Elisabeth.

We have three classes in first year, two in second year, one in third year and one in fourth year. We don’t need uniforms neither for classes nor for Physical Education.

There are 166 students and 26 teachers. Our staff consists of two janitors and one secretary. Also, our headmaster is called Carme Sans; our “cap d’estudis” Tomas Teijeiro and our pedagogig coordinator Carme Moreno


Hi! We are class 3a and 4a at the IES de Salou.  This is our first blog. First of all, we will introduce ourselves. Have a look at the list of blogs on the left.