5 thoughts on “Dire traits: Sultans of Swing

  1. valeria

    bueno paco te escribo en castellano por que me cuesta
    hablar el ingles,te cuento que todo me va muy bn sobretodo en el
    ingles ya le presto mas atencion a lo que me explican
    estraño mucho el colegio josep maria de sagarra,
    bueno se que hace mucho tiempo no escribo.
    muy pronto me ire a un pueblo (sant feliu de codines)
    y espero que todo te vaya genial.

    i un saludo muy grande al ricardo!
    que hace tiempo que no lo he visto
    besos cuidate!

  2. Cristina

    I think that I’m the only one that comments in the blog.
    Can you upload the song “Snow” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers???

  3. Cristina

    Anyone moderates my comments =(. I only want to have contact with you because I miss you.

    Last Friday, I was seeing on TV the Rock in Rio festival. I wanted to go, but my mum gets ungry and said me no.
    Rubén, I know that you LOVE Bon Jovi, so I want to you upload the songs Runaway, Bad Medicine and You Give Love a Bad Name. Bon Jovi played on this festival, and now, I’m one of the Bon Jovi biggest fans. They are amazing and John has a lots of energy. I love they, their music, and their guitar solos.


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