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  1.  Which Roman emperor divided the Roman empire in 286AD?
  2.  What did Emperor Theodosius do in 395AD?
  3.  When did the Western Roman empire collapse?
  4.  What events led to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire?
  5.  Why are the Dark Ages called ‘Dark’?
  6.  Who was the Carolingian empire named after?
  7.  When do historians say the Dark Ages came to an end?
  8.  Why is this considered the ‘end’ of the Dark Ages?
  9.  What year and day was Charlemagne crowned emperor?
  10.  What title was given to Emperor Charlemagne?
  11.  Why is Charlemagne’s reign so important in European history?
  12.  What three things did the French philosopher Voltaire saw we know about the Holy Roman Empire?
  13.  What was the name of the border territories of the Carolingian empire called that were used for protection? Used as buffer states and known as: M_______
  14.  What was the name of the Carolingian territory in Iberia? H__________ M____________
  15.  What happened to the Carolingian empire after Charlemagne died?
  16.  Why did the Germanic peoples enter western Europe in the fifth and sixth centuries?
  17.  Which Germanic tribes settled in the Iberian Peninsula?
  18.  Which Germanic tribes settled in Britain?
  19.  Which Germanic tribe settled in Gaul?
  20.  What does ‘Visigothic’ mean?
  21.  What is the legacy of the Visigoths in Spain?
  22.  Where did the Visigoths establish their capital in Iberia?
  23.  How did Visigothic government function?
  24.  What three groups of people were responsible for the second wave of invasions in the eighth centuries? V_________, M___________, M____________
  25.  What was the name of the Eastern Roman Empire?
  26.  What was the name of its capital city?
  27.  What language did they speak?
  28.  What is the famous church built in 537AD in the Eastern Roman Empire?
  29.  What was the name of the Emperor and his wife?
  30.  Why is the emperor’s wife remembered in history?
  31.  What happened in 1054AD?
  32.  What is the name of the form of Christianity that developed in the Eastern Roman Empire?
  33.  Name at least three examples of artistic achievement of the Dark Ages
  34.  Were the Dark Ages, really dark? Why/why not?
  35.  What was the estbalishment of law so important at this time?
  36.  Name two Visigothic churches
  37.  Name two Visigothic kings
  38.  Which Germanic tribe was pushed out of Iberia and ended up in North Africa?
  39.  Who was Attila the Hun? Why is he relevant in history?