Come in! Door’s open!

Sergio Morales

Hi, welcome to my virtual office! This is the place where my students can ask me questions and where I will post some interesting exercises in the future. Please give me some time to answer your questions, I am a very busy man!!!!

Contact me by leaving a comment with your question or doubt and I’ll post an answer as soon as possible.



Last class before the exams

Well, here we are in our last class at the high school. I really had a great time teaching you this academic year. I hope you do very well in your exams and I wish the best for all of you, you are great mates. TOWANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



52 thoughts on “Come in! Door’s open!

  1. montse morales

    Hi Sergio,
    I found your blog by chance. I suppose you don’t remember me. I was at the Cambridge Course with you and other Catalan teachers last summer. I’m trying to start a blog, because I’m attending a Telematic course and I thought to send you an e-mail, just for fun.
    I can see you are fine and very entertained with your students.
    A big hug


  2. smorales Post author

    Hello Montse,

    I just came across your message in my blog, I haven’t been using it for a long time. Of course I remember you, it was a real pleasure to meet you in Cambridge. I hope you are doing well. Keep in touch! bye

    Sergio Morales

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