We visited Poblet Monastery

On Tuesday 4th of February, primary 6 pupils of Eladi Homs school —Penguins— went to Poblet, by bus, to visit the Monastery.
They departed from school at 9.00 o’clock and arrived to Poblet at 9:45. It was a warm and sunny day.

First pupils had breakfast and then they split in two groups to do some learning activities around the monastery, about the history, the architecture and the monks’ life. They visited the cloister, the library, the kitchen, the refectory, the church, the dormitory, the chapter house, the parlour, the warming house, the royal tombs in the church… At midday they went to Jaume I hostel and there they built a model of the monastery and performed the pyramid society at the Middle Ages. The activities were developed in English and Catalan.

Their favourite activities were making the model, the one walking around the church using mirrors and dressing like Middle Aged people.

The experience was useful for them to learn the plan of the Cistercian monasteries, the Gothic style, the Romanesque style and the monks’ life.


Marta Arjona, a guest in the English class

On Tuesday the 13th of November Marta Arjona visited primary 6th class. Marta is Alba and Alexandra’s cousin.
With her, pupils learnt a lot about dance, photography and audiovisual communication.
They also enjoyed a lot watching the dancing video «Et ballo Catalunya», a video production with the dancer Triana Botaya created by Marta.
The 6th class enjoyed Marta’s visit!
They thank Marta for her visit and Alba and Alexandra for preparing this session so well.

Musical Instruments

Frogs and Tortoises work in groups collaboratively. We classify different musical instruments and enjoy playing on the British Council website. We’re ready to visit Pau Casals Museum next Wednesday November 7th.


English creative productions in Primary 6th.
This is the “making of”: work in group, choose and object from the travelling bag, decide the country where you are on holiday, take a picture, talk and write about —clothes, actions, objects—, upload on padlet —dictate, write, check, improve—… enjoy and learn.


Fet amb Padlet

Let’s Talk

Do you know the Frogs Class?
1, 2, 3… Action!

Let's talk

Do you know the Frogs Class?1, 2, 3… Action!

Publicada por Escola Eladi Homs en Miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2018

My Hero

Primary 5th pupils use “padlet”, a cooperative tool, to share aour productions.
This is the “making of”: choose our super hero, write about him/her individually, check and improve our works, use padlet to share, work in pairs to help each other, prepare the oral production…
Next week will share the final product with you.

Fet amb Padlet

The Big Dictation – 2nd edition

On Friday 9th March, Eagles class pupils celebrated the second edition of the English competition «THE BIG DICTATION». This edition was about TECHNOLOGY. The winner was Mosâb, congratulations!Everybody enjoyed it: participants, presenters and audience. It was a great opportunity for all of them to experience how good they are at English.