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Bells Surf!

Bells Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Australian Coast. Every Easter, the world’s best surfers go there for a world championship surfing event. Some of these surfers tell why Bells is such a popular event.
This sport has also developed a surf industry boom. Two corporate giants, Rip Curl and Quiksilver, along with Billabong have established Australia as the powerhouse of multimillion dollar surf fashion sales.

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Aboriginal Art.

Aboriginal art is also known as The Western Desert Art Movement, a trend that owns its beginnings to Geofrey Bardon, a white art advisor who worked in Australia with an Aboriginal community in the early 1970s.

It is only just over 30 years that these people began painting but during the 80s, institutions started to appreciate this art, which became an extraordinary Art Movement in the 20th Century.

Thanks to Mr. Bardon, these paintings have become not only a way of life for the Aboriginal people but also a means of sustaining lives blighted by diabetes and other diseases.[kml_rm movie="" width="322" height="288"/]

Bread Shop!

Someone who owns a very popular bread store explains about all different types of delicious bread. They originally started off as a small French patisserie but they have grown to include all sorts of multicultural kind of food , i.e. Traditional German bread, traditional Jewish sour dough, French butter breads called brioche, rolls and so on.
You will also learn how to bake dough, a mixture of flour and water, into bread. [kml_rm movie="" width="322" height="288"/]

Holidays and travelling…

This episode is about holidays and travelling. We meet some English people spending their holidays by the beach in Australia and New Zealand. They tell about their trip, where they went, what they did and how they got there.

It’s interesting to listen how they describe their trip and how the story is ordered. Learn about travel words, information about accommodation and more.

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Watch this video!!

Here you can watch a new video posted in this bloc:

Today we meet Kay at the market. She loves shopping and loves cooking. Listen to her talking about her day shopping and what she
likes to cook. Later we are going to look at some verbs and English
expressions used in the story related to shopping and cooking.

Enjoy it and leave your comments!

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