Last October, our 5th grade students went to the Ebre river Delta school camp. The Natural Park of the Ebre Delta has a total area of 7736 hectares and it is the largest wetland area in Catalonia. The Delta lands are totally flat and display a truly particular and engaging landscape.
Students learned how farmers worked the extensive rice fields, changing their appearance in accordance with each season (terraces in the winter, floods in the spring, green leaves in the summer). We even planted rice the way they showed us! We also cooked and ate in the traditional way! Yummy!
We rode bicycles to the great lagoons, which are surrounded by reedbeds, to the long, deserted beaches (some of them natural), the Ullals de Baltassar, the Badia dels Alfacs … There, we discovered plants and animals such as ducks, flamingos, mussels, rushes … all of them in absolute communion with the environment,
One of the funniest activities was “perxar”. It means steering a boat with the help of a long wooden stick, or “perxa”. This kind of boats (named “pontons”) were used in ancient times to travel along the Delta channels.
We also paid a visit to Sant Carles de la Ràpita, a cosy village which, among other things, has a thriving fishing harbour where you are allowed to witness the arrival of boats and sailors with fish and seafood ready for auction.

After so much fun, we will surely go back to the Delta!


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