The activity began at Vilanova’s port.
There they explained us how the port works and the different parts of the fishing boats.
They explained us how fishers organize themselves at the porttoo. We could see their “shops” or warehouses, as well as their boats.
Later, we saw a giant freezer in front of the fish auction and they explained how it works from the outside.
After that, they told us that there is a lighthouse in each port. Each lighthouse does different light signals to know which port the boat is approaching.
In the photos we can see three types of port that we can find in Vilanova.
There is the fishing port, only dedicated to fishing; the industrial port, where big goods arrive; and the nautical port, where luxury boats are exhibited.
Finally, we observed different aquatic beings and some waste products for watching the difference between what belongs to the sea and what does not.

More photos, here.


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